Synology Scrobbler


Time to say goodbye.
Today I retired the SynologyScrobbler extension from the Chrome Webstore after trying to fix it for a few hours.

Thing is, I don't use it myself anymore. Haven't been for a few years, so the motivation is gone. (streaming services won the race for me)

I'm thrilled that it has been useful to a lot of people over the years and a bit sad to let it slip but changes in the LastFM API did *something* that I frankly haven't understood yet, but I think the scrobbling api is no longer a priority.

So. Goodbye. *sniff*


Christian Dalager


IF you are a developer and want to take over, let me know at christian[a]dalager[d]com

SynologyScrobbler consists of an Chrome Extension ( here) and a .NET API backend working as a proxy. Not open sourced as I need to clean out API tokens and DB connection before doing that. Let me know and I'll do that.

Release Notes, v2.0, March 19, 2013

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